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The past 50 years Pitzer’s One Hour Air and Heating has been the leader in honest, punctual and do it right the first time heating and air conditioning repair services and installation.

Amazing Customer Service Is The Core Of Our Success

Pitzer One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating has a Half a century of service is a testament to our values and workmanship.

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You never know when your AC or heating unit is going to cause you trouble. Don’t get caught off guard last minute and stuck with an unexpected bill. Get a protection plan, save money in the long run and save yourself the headache of unanticipated problems.

Free Maintenance For Military Veterans, Current Service Members & First Responders.

What is the Best Type of Filter for my HVAC Unit?

About Pitzer’s One Hour Air and Heating.

Pitzer’s One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating was founded in 1969 by Jim Pitzer. His goal was to provide elite service to our friends and neighbors. Pitzer has spent over the last five decades assisting residents of Arizona. Understanding, maintaining, and repairing their air conditioning and heating units. Air conditioning in this area is more than a luxury; it is necessary for safety and well-being. That is why we, at Pitzer’s, take our jobs very seriously.
Pitzer’s One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating technicians are highly-trained. They understand both the needs of the HVAC units, as well as the needs of our clients. Our parts and equipment are the highest quality. They each have been hand-picked to withstand the severity of our harsh environment. Our staff is specially trained to respond to our client’s needs immediately. They anticipate needs, and work quickly to get our clients the help they need. We look forward to working for you!


The Mission of Pitzer’s Air Conditioning is to be a high growth company in Phoenix, Mohave County, Yavapai County and Coconino County.

As a service and installation company, we will strive to exceed the expectations of our clients by providing the highest degree of quality service, maintenance, and installation of residential HVAC products and related services.

As a business organization, we will strive to provide our employees with an enriching and rewarding experience,

The foundation of this is summed up in the following four principles:

  1. Giving 100% Client Satisfaction.
  2. Creating a pleasant work environment and happy employees.
  3. Earning a fair level of profit.
  4. Adding a minimum of two new Club Membership clients per day.




We believe…

…in superior service to our clients, our community, and to each other as members of the Pitzer Air Conditioning team.

…in counting our blessings every day in every way.

…success is the result of clear, cooperative, and positive thinking.

…that loyalty adds meaning to our lives.

…management should seek out and recognize what people are doing right and treat each team member with respect.

…challenges should be used as a learning experience.

…our Creator put us on this earth to succeed.  We will accept our daily successes humbly knowing that He will guide us if we will allow Him to.

…every human being deserves to be treated respectfully and dealt with honestly.  Every client we serve fulfills our mission.

…we must re-earn our positions every day in every way.

…in the untapped potential of every human being.  Each member of Pitzer Air Conditioning should be allowed the opportunity to achieve that potential.

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