Financing allows you to fix what you need when you need it


When an air conditioning unit or heating unit goes out on you it can be frustrating. That is why Pitzer offers some great promotional financing options issued by Payzer.

Don’t let a temporary lack of funds keep you from comfort

The majority of major purchases for your HVAC unit are eligible for financing.

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Financing Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

Protection Plans

You never know when your AC or heating unit is going to cause you trouble. Don’t get caught off guard last minute and stuck with an unexpected bill. Get a protection plan, save money in the long run and save yourself the headache of unanticipated problems.

Choose the Pitzer Financing Plan That Fits Your Needs.

Figuring out how to pay for your heating and air conditioning unit repairs or replacement can be stressful. However, this should not stop you from obtaining the right A/C unit for your home or business. Especially in the Southwestern United States, a properly working HVAC unit is important. Contact us today to discuss our One Hour credit card by Payzer which may assist you in financing your dreams.

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