Heat Pumps, A More Efficient Way to Heat Your Home


A heat pump is a great alternative to your standard heater. They heat your home or business faster using far less energy when the source and the supply tempratures differences are small.

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Can heat pumps also cool your home? Yes indeed!

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You never know when your AC or heating unit is going to cause you trouble. Don’t get caught off guard last minute and stuck with an unexpected bill. Get a protection plan, save money in the long run and save yourself the headache of unanticipated problems.

Why Consider a Heat Pump?

A heat pump transfers heat and thermal energy from a heat source to what is called a “heat sink.” It stores the heat to be dispersed within your home or business. Heat pumps include air conditioning units, freezers, and other HVAC units. However, heat pumps are different in that they pull heat from the cooler air within the home or business. Then release heat back into the home or business. Heat pumps can be very efficient. However, they can be more expensive to install than a resistance heater. Heat pumps include millions of options. So it’s important to discuss your options with a heating and air conditioning experts.
Pitzer’s expert technicians can assist you in determining which heat pump is best for you. And even install the unit.

Package Heat Pumps

Package heat pumps are a hybrid heating and cooling unit. Because these packages are convenient and highly efficient. People are increasingly choosing them for their homes and businesses. Most of the components of the package heat pump are actually contained in one cabinet. Usually, they are located on the ground floor. However, these packages can also be very expensive. And require an understanding of the units.
Like any traditional HVAC unit, maintenance of the unit is crucial to increasing efficiency. It also Protects the unit from serious issues and ensures that the warranty is protected.
Contact a Pitzer expert technician today to discuss your package heat pump options and installation today.

Gas Package Heat Pumps

A Gas package heat pump uses electricity for cooling and natural gas, oil, or propane for heating. These packages work well in areas where non-electric fuels are accessible and affordable. This allows the unit to alternate between the most economical options. Since they’re more cost-effective to use. Gas package heat pumps are becoming more popular. But, they can also be more expensive to install and maintain. To determine whether a gas package pump is right for you or to repair or install a gas package pump. Call our expert technicians today to schedule your appointment.

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