Always On Time… Or You Don’t Pay A Dime.

Our Unique 100% Service & Parts Guarantee


We are so confident in our service and work, we offer a guarantee that covers your home or  business 100%. Wasting your time or money is just wasting ours, that is why we do excellent work the first time.

Our reputation and money is on the line

Our guarantee motivates and forces us to do one thing, do honest quality work.

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Protection Plans

You never know when your AC or heating unit is going to cause you trouble. Don’t get caught off guard last minute and stuck with an unexpected bill. Get a protection plan, save money in the long run and save yourself the headache of unanticipated problems.

Is There Such Thing As An Honest HVAC Repair Specialist?

Incredible results from an incredible guarantee!

A guarantee is one of the most important promises that a business can provide to its customers. It tells the customer that we believe in our products, we believe in our technicians, and we believe in your satisfaction. That is why we guarantee all of our heating and air conditioning service and parts 100%!

We also understand how important your time is. With most HVAC companies offering appointment windows between 4 and 6 hours, we offer a one hour appointment window so you can get back to your life, instead of waiting on a technician. In fact, if we are even one minute late, you don’t have to pay for our service. “ALWAYS ON TIME… OR YOU DON’T PAY A DIME!®”*

Our delighted promise to our customers.

  • TIME: We are committed to our motto: “If There’s Any Delay, It’s You We Pay!” We understand how important our customer’s time is and we make time a priority in the services we provide you.
  • INTEGRITY: One of the reasons we believe that we have been in business so long is because we honor our commitments and our promises. Honesty, integrity, and transparency are the tenets that we have built our entire business on.
  • RESPECT FOR THE LAW: Understanding and adhering to all local, state, and federal laws that govern the HVAC industry is more than just a technicality; it is what sets us apart from other heating and air conditioning companies. Our rigorous accounting and bookkeeping practices also ensure that your bills are accurate, on time, and accountable.
  • EXCELLENCE: We settle for nothing less than the highest industry standards when we service your HVAC unit and systems.
  • SAFETY & REPUTATION: Although we visit our customers in their homes and businesses, our workspace is always clean and safe.
  • TEAMWORK: At Pitzer’s, we are building more than business. We are building a team and family through collaboration and support.
  • SERVICE: Our service to our customers is above and beyond any other mission of our business. Our goal is to establish a life-time relationship and generations of customers through great service and products.
  • RESPECT FOR OTHERS: Longevity in business is dependent upon respect; respect for our employees, respect for our vendors, respect for our community, and respect for our clients.
  • PRIVACY: We understand the trust that is involved with inviting a business and service technician into your home. We value your privacy and work to protect it like it was our own.
  • COMPETITION: Our messaging, branding, and advertising include honesty, transparency, and quality. Our goal is to promote healthy competition, without sacrificing our integrity.

*On-time guarantee only applies to one or two hour appointment windows. Additional charges may apply.

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